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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day #19 Summer time! :D

Finally I have a summer off of school! Its about time I get to have some sort of vacation! I can't wait to go swimming with all of my friends and have a great time! :D It is so cool how I have such great friends that are pratically drama free and are really cool to hang out with. I never really had time for that in high school since I was busy with sports and everything. This next week is going to be amazing! I can hardly wait!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day #18 Getting back at it. Training Hard!

Thankfully I only tweaked my shoulder a little bit  so i decided to rest it up a bit before I started more of my body building routine again. Everything had been looking good so far in my Olympic Weightlifting training. I been adjusting my technique and correcting a lot of errors I have been missing over the past few months.  Now I can finally get back at training really hard like last time! I can't wait to get stronger and bigger in the upcoming months. Hopefully I can progress to the point I just have my technique down and preparing for bigger and better things!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day #17 Enjoying life

Drinking with my friends that I haven't see in awhile its great to re connect and make some new ones :). I love that everyone was chill and you could talk to anyone without knowing them to much. So far this whole drinking thing has been a good experience. Let the good times keep a coming!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day #16 Fry's Electronics, and Android Programming!

Man I was running around all day today. Work and then busting a mission to go and see what Fry's Electronics have and it was HUGE! If I was looking for something to buy monitors a computer or to make  beast out of a existing computer that would be the place to go. It was a huge warehouse with countless of computer/ video game accessories. But it kinda looked a little shady because alot of their items looked slightly used and the floors models were not so "shiny" to say the least and some of them were not even working.

Finally on the Android Programming side of things, it has been a test of my patience. I finally got the right folder I needed and tools to make everything work. And I am finally downloading everything I need in order to start the 200 long video project to learn or get some experience with the Android Programming system. It looks promising I have to stay motivated and take some notes while I do this. It could be a learning experience or even something that progress and make it apart of my life. Only time will tell!

Day #15 Android Programming... Endless downloads lol

Well I started my tutorial on Android Programming... Only one thing.. I kinda messed up downloading all the necessary files I needed in order to make things work. Trial and error I suppose, but all things happen for a reason It should be really interesting to get started and start learning about how to compile things and what not. Who knows I might be really good at it lol. I have to eventually in order to get a good grade in my Advanced java programming class I need to transfer. It's going to be a summer project to finish a super small app I can actually have made! How cool will that be? Setting some goals for myself that  I need to achieve this year. Should be interesting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day #14 Resting, College, Summer, Break

Finally done with school, thankfully I get to have a actual summer break this year. I just need to figure out how I am going to schedule my next set of classes. Also I am going to see If I can see if I can have all my classes on two days. I rather have more time to do other things then have class every single day ya know? I don't know I have never done that before It all depends when I talk to the counselor.
But man I am really tired from my Olympic Weightlifting training. Getting used to these full upright squats take allot  out of me. Once my legs get used to this range of motion and I get more flexible I will get used to it. Going to work out and do my Bodybuilding workouts tomorrow morning hopefully I will be rested and get a good workout in. Summer is coming up so got to get more lean!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day #13 Going to get a plan in Motion... College.

Well I am going to see a counselor tomorrow to see what is my game plan for this upcoming semester.  Worst case scenario is that I have to give up a day at work. It might hurt me financially but It should help me focus more in the long run. But at the end of the day I will not stop until I succeed not matter how long it will take. I know this will help me better my future in the long run. But its the least I can do to keep my future bright.

We will see where this puts me tomorrow it might get me down in the dumps a bit. But once I think about it I will be more motivated to try harder. I can also trim the fat on my expenses also lol. But like my dad said if there is a will there is a way! Here we go!

Day #12 Stock Market? Paper Trading?

For some reason I been very interested in the stock market ever since I was about 16. I thought it to be far out of my reach and only "rich" people were able to do such a thing. But boy was I wrong, I can always start small. Some stocks cost 10 cents also know as "penny stocks". Of course even if you made around 100% profit you might see a buck but hey its always a start. This is something I can possibly challenge myself at and figure things out for myself.

I am going to look into a paper trading website where you use "fake" money to try your hand at the stock market. Although there is much more than that to learn in order to make a buck but hey... it's a start.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day #11 Podcast's a easy way to educate yourself...

"The Stuff you should know" Podcast is very interesting I love listening to podcast that make you think outside of the box. It is like having a conversation with someone you have never met before and makes you pay attention to everything they say to you.

I highly recommend you listening to any podcast that intrigues you. Which could be a food podcast, fitness podcast, or even history podcast. Anything that makes your brain work and gives you a new outlook and opens your mind to something you never really though about. Just thought I would share that with you :).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day #10 No Motivation Left...

I am here sitting down and thinking I have to do a take home Final. Well a take home final seems easy right? WRONG.... In my opinion it is worse just like a online course. You put it off until the last final minute you need to do it. That is what  I am doing to be quite honest with you. I have no motivation for this class, never have since the beginning I will not go into great detail but my instructor is not as organized as I want her to be.

Either way I am going to suck it up and stop being a baby about it. There are worse things that can happen tomorrow should be a interesting day that I can finally put out of my brain forever... hopefully.

Day #9 Long Saturday Mentally and Physically...

So many things to do so little time. I need to study and finish things for finals week. I also have a take home final which you would think would be easy to do but that is not the case. It has so many distractions that you have to squash before they develop. I just want to be done with this crappy class. But hey I need to take this class again either way. But it can only benefit me in the long term.

Also having a two a day Olympic Weightlifting and then working out/ bodybuilding workouts. Hopefully I can have some weekend fun with my friends and girlfriend and I can relieve some much needed stress. Here is it the weekend! :D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day #8 Holding Off for the Long run! Investing in phones...

Well I am sure whoever is into having a smart phone realizes what Verizon did today. They are trying to get everyone to sign onto a new contract that will get rid of "Unlimited Data Plans". But there IS some hope, as long as you don't sign a new contract and buy a phone NOT through Verizon you can keep your Unlimited plan.
     Sounds great right? WRONG.... because this means if you want a new phone you have to buy it at Retail price. Which now and days is around 600 dollars...oh yea that's a great deal. But in this day in age we have things like Ebay that can help us out with some decent phones and can save us money. For now I will stick with my Droid Bionic.. I mean ICS is supposed to come out soon anyways that will give me a even more options to mess with it even more! For now I am investing in my phone for at least a couple more years.... hopefully lol.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day#7 Organized...kinda...now what?

Once I organized files, had more space, prepared certain folders for future use. I am nearly 75% organized I say this because the rest of the 15% are my cords where i get my Geek on. Still need somethings to become full organized like maybe some Zip ties or something along those lines to keep everything from getting entangled. 

Or labeling some cords or what not so i wont unplug something that is charging like my phone and get surprised that my battery is almost dead. I am going to look into a extension cord i can hook up my mac into one of my cheap monitors so I dont have to slump over it all day once I start working on Code. 

That reminds me.. I need to make some reminders to download some lessons and look over some coding tutorials. That will be very interesting to dive into I just wish there was more time in the day to do things that i really enjoy. 

Day#4 Schools almost out!

I am just wondering what I will do with all my free time!  I might have to set a strict schedule with myself in. order to start focused. Might try and work on learning more Java code. Only time will tell!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day#6 Computer modules = fast PC!

When I was looking online for something to speed up my PC I found something. It was how easy it is to speed up you're computer. It takes about three minutes and depending on how fast you want things to run can cost you around 50 bucks.  What I also learned is that depending on what windows system you have, let's you have access to more ram! I have slot of saving up to do!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day #5

Getting drunk with the family!  That is all nothing to report besides that. And random tweets to entertain me.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day#4 Schools almost out!

I am just wondering what I will do with all my free time!  I might have to set a strict schedule with myself in. order to start focused. Might try and work on learning more Java code. Only time will tell!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day#3 Obama Supports Gay Marriage.

Here is the video that explains it. I was shocked that he actually did this. But then again times are changing and so are the views of our Society.


Day #2 Getting on Track Beach body! :o

Working on the "Muscle Head" Work outs. Although I have been advised to I understand the fact that I need this extra time to clear my head and help my self esteem. I going to start being a little narrow minded when it comes to my Olympic Weightlifting. What I mean by that Is be machine like, Don't over think things just analyze why this is happening and figure out how to correct it. My coach is amazing when it comes to it, although we butt heads sometimes he means the best. I want to become a National Champion and it will take hard work and determination. It starts with one step in the right direction, now I am going to work on my flexibility and stretch before I go to bed and prepare for tomorrow! Let's do it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day #1 The Home Stretch!

Well basically its the home stretch. Only 3 weeks of school left and its all finally coming to a end. A much deserved break from all of the chaos which is school and the stress that comes with it. Work is still a issue and adapting to the new changes and standards that have been set. But other than that things been getting back to normal. I finally get a small break from school *summer vacation for the first time in forever*. But  I am going to force my self to start educating my self into the field I want to eventually work in. Computer programming or anything involving computers. Hopefully its a goal I can accomplish, along with some of the fitness goals I have set out for me to do. Until next time.