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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Cardio Day.

Well I just came back from Red Robbin and ate almost my Body Weight in food. Yes a couple of cheat days this week was not such a great idea. This is why I am going to go into the pool and see how many laps I can do. That or run I am not sure. After that I actually have to study for finals. Which suck, but it's about time it's all finally over. I am done with this semester and finally need to start on my major!

   I am going to make this post short. But I have to clean my room for the love of God. Because all of this chaos is distracting me. Also I may or may not tell a interesting story

Monday, May 13, 2013

New things, New Goals.

Well I have finally chosen a Major which is Kineseology. I am going to start taking classes that are geared toward my major which seems exciting. I am going to start studying more and putting more time into my job and see how I like it. While I do this, I am also going to learn and teach myself a couple of things. Which I will go in detail In a second.

I am going to try and learn how to play guitar. This will be a long and interesting journey since I have no idea where to start. I am currently dating this girl name Andreaka (hopefully I spelled that right lol). Anyways she said she would teach me how to do that so that will be fun.

Well this is overdue. Sadly I don't know anything about Spanish I know howto speak a couple of phrases and statements but other than that I am as smart as a rock when it comes to Spanish. I will take this more seriously then most of my other little side projects.

Writing With my left hand.
I am going to start writing with my left hand. Why? Because it would be a conversation starter. A last resort of course but other than that It's something I want to do which would be cool to do. This is obviously lower on my list.

Scheduling and Being organized.
Well Since I am going to be doing all of these things. I have to have a set schedule, doesn't mean everything will be planned out by minute. But it will be at least some what organized.

That will do for today. I will see how far or not I have come. We shall see what happens next!