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Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting back to the swing of things...

Things might have been tough. But I have fought my way through all of it. Going back to a full work/school week. Trying to keep a positive head through all of it. Focusing on one thing at a time, school, working out, work, and anything else that gets in my way. And one of the hardest things to go back to is eating cleaner. No more crap in my system got to get back to normal and get back on the wagon. I am very thankful to be in a position where I can literally do anything. I just have to pick a road to go on and start walking. We will see how this week goes. It will end just as fast as it started.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grieving Process...

After my Grandpa passed it was hard to deal with it for the first couple of days. Then I just tried to just stay strong for my family. I already paid my respects and said my Goodbye and had my closure. I feel good about that. But now that I am going to the funeral its going to be hard to stay strong. Seeing everyone so sad and the ones who stood the strongest crumble. My dad the emotionally strongest person I have ever met. I will see him break down emotionally. It takes a real man to stay strong when everyone is looking at them for hope and keeping everyone together. But when its a time of grieving... in the end everyone is only human. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Most heart wrenching thing I ever heard.

My grandpa just gave the most heart wrenching speech. He said "Thank you guys for coming.........I wish you all the world, ..........I love you all very much,............. hopefully I see you in the morning" .  Dam. That nearly killed me. No words could possibly describe how his words will be engraved into my brain.. it was like we were in a movie or something. It was insane. Your so strong grandpa hang in there!

Hang in there! How outside forces affect your training.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls. And then sometimes life takes your bat and tries to break your legs. Although I am a firm believer in leaving all your issues outside of the gym. Sometimes it just becomes to much.

        I found that out the hard way. When news came that my grandpa was not doing well. The strength that I used to have was taken from me. My confidence shot. My focus not on how well I was lifting but how my grandpa was doing. How his health is declining every day, how that when the few times he is awake  I smile at him instead of cry. So I decided to take the week off lifting, to focus on resting and my family. I feel that there is no use training when your heart and mind is somewhere else at the time. Focus on the things and people who are close to you. Because you never know when you might say your last goodbye.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why I am used to overeating, bad habits as a kid.

Healthy eating has been a crazy journey for me. Its been mainly portion control and self control. Portion control because of how i was raised. It started when I was about 10 or so when I was carpooling with my family and some friends. Being the only boy in the back seat I had to essentially fend for myself. As weird as that sounds it was the truth with 4 kids who can eat a cow and then some I had to get as much food as I can quickly before it all ran out. The sense of "Urgency" of eating had me overeating and I assume that was stuck in my brain for a long time. Although I essentially grew and thinned out a bit during high school I never really cared about what i ate as much cause I would always burn it off. 

But as I am being less active I now know that portion control is HUGE and is very important habit to control. With controlling what i eat being more independent, it helps me keep aware of what i am taking in. Progress has been great and for that i am thankful. One huge tip for weight loss is COMMON SENSE!