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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lifting Update, School update, Fitness update.

Lifting Update:  
It's been awhile since I have updated this. Well a lot of things have happened. One of which is sadly I have had a minor set back with my Olympic Lifting. I tweaked my low back and my body has decided to stiffen up on me way more than usual. I have been working out at 24 hour fitness and been trying to stretch every chance I  get. 
School update: 
I have also been managing my school work a little better despite having a couple of crappy teachers that have not been so clear on what they have wanted us students to do on some assignments. But I digress,  things as a whole have been going smooth and work has been getting better with some additional hours that I have needed. 
Financial Update: I am also training a kid on the side to help him with his basic motor skills and that has been helping me generate some extra income. I am also trying to find time to turn in some of the recycling we have been stacking on the side of the house lol. I can't wait until the winter break so that I can start prepping for bigger and better things hopefully. 
Fitness Update: I am trying to keep the bad food at a minimum. And I am also trying to keep my weight under 200lbs for now. Biggest things I want to work on is my chest, lats, arms, and of course abs. I been taking some progress pics and and been seeing some good changes. But like they say abs are made in the kitchen. Hopefully things keep looking up and I keep the bad food at a minimum. I just need to find something I can stick with! Update you later!