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Friday, September 30, 2011

I actually went to a Ballet?!

Well today I was dragged to a Romeo and Juliet Ballet and it was interesting so far. I mean I pictured aa Ballet full of me and tights prancing around. So far I am right. It is not that big of a deal but so far it is actually interesting I don't feel like I want to throw my self off the balcony. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't pay 400 bucks for front row seats.  When there is a "funny" part in the play i find it amusing that the laughter starts in the front and ripples backward. As if everyone in back doesn't want to be left out lol.  If you like Ballet I recommended it :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being jealous a good thing?

Being jealous is it necessary? I remember when I was in middle school I was always jealous. Always wanted to be taller and skinnier. Always worked harder then most to just barley be close to the skinnier kids. But as grew up and grew into my body I was less and less jealous. I was more confident and when I had my first serious relationship there was a period when I was jealous. It was possibly the first 4 months or so not overly possessive but I would get that feeling every once and a while. But jealousy in my opinion can be portrayed as "caring more" and women might miss when the guys never get jealous.

 But the important thing I think women should take from that is that the men have confidence not only in themselves but in their relationship. Do not and I repeat do not take this as a sign of unfaithfulness. Trust me there will be other signs for this and they won't be pretty. I think overall jealousy can be a ugly thing. Jealousy can be mistaken for clingynes. Which some girls like and guys do to. But jealousy is a negative aspect of any relationship and should be avoided if you can. Most of the time it's the person who is jealous that has an insecurity, so it is up to the other person to help them overcome it. Let me know what you think :).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My bully experience

I remember when i was a kid in elementary school i wasn't the biggest kid nor the smallest i was just about average height but not weight. There was this kid Josh who was as big as me but was extremely aggressive. He sat across from me and would always kick him under the table i would also kick him back but that would just fuel the fire. One day we got a little creative and put a pencil in his shoe laces so it could stab me. That day he left two big lashes on my knee and leg. I told my teacher who sent him to the principals office.

Later that week he came back smiling while we were in our line before we went into the classroom. For some reason i walked right up to him because i am fed up with him bothering me. So i walked up and said, " You are going to leave me alone, everyone knows what you did to me! No one even likes you! So stop bothering and leave me the hell alone!" When i was little "hell" was a bad word lol and everyone looked at me like i punched the kid.

Fast forward 7 years later...
When i was walking home from football practice i heard someone call my name. I turned around and it was Josh. He stood at about 5"6 and then i stood about 6"1 and i smiled and said, "Hey long time no see!" We talked for a little bit and went are separate ways. The last thing i thought after i walked away was i am glad i wasn't a bully when i was little or i would have been short all my life.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Competition Week...

This week is extremely crucial on preparing me for my Saturday competition. Weight will not be a issue the main thing i am going to be focusing on is the technique aspect of it. The weight will come but the technique has to be solid so that i am both physically and mentally prepared for the competition. Trying to make everything perfect as possibly is the key to success.

 This also could possibly the competition that i qualify for collegiate nationals. * my last total was about 10kg away from the qualifying total* This is also a very emotional too because i promised by grandpa who has cancer that i would take him to see me perform at nationals. I am so looking forward to tell them the news and setting a date that we all can look forward to. Win or lose he will defiantly have that lasting memory of the trip we both took to nationals.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The past and its affects in the present...

We have all done it. When we catch our selves blankly staring at our computer screens or whatever happens to be in front of us at the time. We remember all of the good times with our past relatives or friends that we now no longer have contact with. Only in our dreams we have the occasional conversation trying to get back in touch with them with an unknown happiness that overwhelms you.

But on the other hand some people have the unfortunate occasion of remembering all of mistakes of the past. From that one decision that changed their life to the other choice that might have closed 10 doors and opened one. The only mistake you can do from remembering the past negative choices you made is to dwell on them. To bring those negative emotions back into your mind and let it affect the people around you. Although you do sometimes need to vent on things but they should never impact your present relationships or they might soon also become apart of your past.

Live in the present the past is over for a reason, if you think of a negative moment in the past its another moment you lose in the present.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coaching and motivation

If you didn't know my part time job is being a personal trainer/Olympic Weightlifting coach. So today i was training one of our newest clients. He is going into the navy in about 8 months. And i was making him do various exercises which included him running while shoulder pressing 8 to 10 pound medicine balls. Before that he must have ran over at least 5 miles. He started slowing down apparently he had a cramp in his side. I told him "Keep going, don't slow down you will be glad this is the only thing that hurts right now. You have to keep pushing you don't want to be that last person when your in the navy do you?" He shook his head and kept on pressing on. 

From a athletes view of things its tough both mentally and physically and even some anger could be directed at the coach. But that is normal in most situations when the person instead of channeling that anger to their workout lash it out on their coach. It is the coaches responsibility to not take it personally and motivate the athlete to keep pushing, * safely of course*  past their mental and physical limits. When training people i usually understand the mental and physical fatigue they are going through since i was also a athlete and training the same way they are right now. This is extremely important because you want to understand what the athlete  is capable of while they are in a state of both mental and physical fatigue. 

My job of being a personal trainer/ Olympic Weightlifting Coach is a rewarding one when you see them slowly improving as they progress both mentally and physically as a athlete and person. There is no other way to describe it but if i could i would say it is like a father being proud of his son/daughter. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dealing with heavy lifting and mental fatigue...

During a heavy cycle in my training I experienced a couple of mental obstacles. One of which was my little nephew was in the hospital for surgery. It was not a extreme surgery but he has had a past with difficult and physically tasking surgerys. Just the image of him... Just a child with tubes going in and out of him kept tuning in my mind. This happened a few days before my heavy cycle and maxing out on squats.

The other mental obstacle was my grandpa which is diagnosed with cancer. Before I was going to leave for my workout I had a text from my dad telling mehe was at the hospital with my grandpa. My heart sank as I thought how much pain he must be in. It was only two weeks ago when he saw me compete in my first competition. After that i told him i was going to take him to collegiate nationals with me next year when I qualify.


I made the decision to countinue with my training that day although on every lift I was having a battle with my mind struggling to control my emotions. During the last part of my workout I realized that I could countinue with these negative thoughts or use it to my advantage. I then made it my goal that my grandpa was going to see me perform at collegiate nationals and I was going to train as hard as I could so he can see my improvement. I finished that day with a new squat PR 150kg=330 pounds.


No matter what hardships you might face with outside of the weight room or training. You have to push yourself to finish your workout. There will be a point where you might be mentally drained it will be up to you to decide if you were strong both mentally and physically to continute. This is just my opinion I understand everyone has a breaking point. But wanted to share my experience to just say its possible to push even if you have a bad day.

Thank you for reading. Focus on your goals and stay both mentally and physically strong during training and in life. You can be your best coach and your worst enemy.

Getting to know me...

I just stumbled upon this website by chance late into the night as you can see. I thought this would be a good outlet to describe how my training is going and other various activities. A little about my self I am 20. Full time student, part time worker, I am also in a relationship I have been for a little more then 4 years. I am somewhat scatter brained and usually good on my feet which is a dangerous combination. I am also very optimistic easy going guy and also extremely entertained which pretty much means I was that kid you saw kicking a rock across the track with a huge smile on his face.

I just want to close with I am open to comments suggestions or anything of the sort. I will try to make it a habit of posting regularly. About training, school, and exciting events. Have a couple I need to post in my next...err post..lol. Thanks for whoever reads this! And I hope you have a great day/night!