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Thursday, December 19, 2013

So many new things

It's been about two years since I posted anything. It's been a life changing two years I can tell you that much. Let's try to summarize it.
Career: I have been an Electrican for about 2.5years give or take? Still new to many things but learning new things everyday. Making more than I did last year so I am happy about that. I am trying to venture out a little more out of my comfort zone so we will see where that will land me!
Olympic Weightlifting: Due to me leaving my previous job I changed gyms. BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE! Amazing environment and a really tough regime on strength.
Best lifts went from:
Snatch: 102kg to 110kg
Clean and Jerk: 128kg 132kg
I have caught 137kg on a clean but didn't stand up all the way.
Jerk: 142kg.
Front squat: 315lbs up 30lbs
Back squat: has went up 60lbs to 375lbs
Deadlift up by 90lbs 475lbs Max
Alot of changes on my technique. I will try and post videos on here. This will be a good archive of my progress! I will try to write more on my laptop. This is a short post for now. Thanks for reading!