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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Big improvements in lifts, body weight, motivation.

As we all know there are some times in our lives where we have to step back and look. Look at what is important to us and to re prioritize things in our life. For me it has been about 5 main things that I can think of. With focusing more on these things I have already seen a dramatic improvement in those areas.

1. Training: I have been pushing harder and pushing my percentages higher than usual. As a result I have had a 5kg increase in my snatch (107kg now). Also I have hit a 137kg clean and jerk (3kg improvement). I have also cleaned up my eating and have been "eating with a purpose." 

2. Cutting weight: I have lost around 15lbs so far. During this time I have made some pretty big strength gains in some areas. Possibly due to the fact that it's been long over due since I have hit any Pr's. Overall it's been a pretty rough road to travel on. 

3. Goal change: Although I am not strong enough yet to be a competitive 94kg lifter. I have to drop weight to the next weight class, which is 85kg. Which is good considering I am only 5kg away from qualifying for the American Open. That has been a goals since February and I have hit broken personal records in every meet I have competed in. 

4. School: School is back in session! Which is great! But also very tough on my time management skills. Which lets be honest, are lacking already haha. But they have improved since I have been getting increasingly busier. This class is a little more tedious but doesn't surprise me since the classes are getting more complicated.

5. Being efficient: This sums up everything really. I have been getting a little more efficient. Not where I want to be but to the point where there is less time being wasted on things that won't improve my quality of life. Games/ drinking every weekend etc. Plus I have been taking on more bills which comes with getting older. So I have to keep a closer eye on what I do buy. But overall this year has been a great one so far! Trying to enjoy life more and explore a little more of this beautiful world we live in!