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Monday, February 13, 2017

Create A want, and turn that into a NEED. Random thought.

So the thing is. We all need some extra cash right? Now that it has been said what are you doing to achieve this goal of additional income? Saving? Investing in stocks? Learning a new trade? Anything that gives you a one up on your competition is going to earn you a raise, promotion, or even a additional income stream. 

 Get thinking! Maybe your'e the one who is going to create a niche product that will go viral and make you your desired millions? Why not let it be you? 


Friday, January 27, 2017

Tomorrow morning I compete for the first time this year!

Going to make this very short since I don't like to dwell on competing to much. Things are looking great and I can't wait to see how I perform tomorrow! I should be able to get some good Pr's! Also I think I need to start doing some morning Journaling and Night Journaling. Might buy a little notebook So I can keep a tab on everything. We will see how it goes!


Monday, January 23, 2017

Eye infections are NO JOKE!

Well I got a eye infection today. SUUUCCKKKKSSSS I actually had to call of work tonight and stay hope cause it hurts pretty bad. Tomorrow I will see a doctor and get some strong meds. I am sure it will go away tomorrow. It really ruined my day plus the fact I missed my first Econ class. I emailed the professor hopefully he replies to me asap. If not I am going to be pissed.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Every thought of flipping items on Ebay?

You know I think I  might try and start flipping things on ebay or check out some apps that are local and pretty easy to send stuff in the mail. I think I need to start doing this so I can pay off whatever debt I still owe my mom and plus pay for the next semester of college. The faster I get ahead of everything the faster I am able to not worry about money anymore. I am in what I like to call " controlled" debt. Sounds stupid and in denial BUT I know I will get out of it in a month or so!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

9 hours of sleep in a couple of days.... O.o

I am going to make this very short. Don't mess with your sleep common sense right? You would think unless you have to actually stay up that long and not by choice and not by "fun" activities! Oh well that is what the weekend is for right? Well I gtg to go just came back from training and have to get in a little early to work since it's going to rain like crazy today.... be safe!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jury Duty Tomorrow.... womp womp.

Well tomorrow is going to be a SUPER long day! I have Jury Duty at 7am and I usually get off work around 4:30am. So I am guessing I have to stay up until I am done with Jury duty so I can sleep after. THEN I have class from 6pm to 9pm then I have work after that. Haha thiiissss is going to be very intresting! Let's GO! woo!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Holy Crap training is really hard ha!

Just when you thought you pushed yourself passed your limits you find new ones. I been training for almost 6 years and it always fascinates me that I can reach that wall again. Now I have to just focus on getting my lifts in order and my body healed up! I have two more weeks to dial things in so it should be a amazing experience regardless! Train hard my friends!