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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I am bbaackkk! :D

Well I am finally on track I would say. Making sure I take proper watch of what I eat and things have been slowly getting better. I am looking a lot leaner and things have been moving well in my Training. It has been a hard road but I finally found a pretty good balance on things.
   School has been going well also, it has it ups and down but right now I am glad I have stuck with it this far. I am very close to having all my units I need to get rid of these petty Under Grad classes I am forced to take. The only thing I am worried about now Is getting my math classes out of the way. I will have to buckle down and make sure nothing gets in my way of getting those things done! Life will throw some obstacles in my way but I am sure I can handle them as long as I lower my shoulder and keep on running!