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Thursday, December 19, 2013

So many new things

It's been about two years since I posted anything. It's been a life changing two years I can tell you that much. Let's try to summarize it.
Career: I have been an Electrican for about 2.5years give or take? Still new to many things but learning new things everyday. Making more than I did last year so I am happy about that. I am trying to venture out a little more out of my comfort zone so we will see where that will land me!
Olympic Weightlifting: Due to me leaving my previous job I changed gyms. BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE! Amazing environment and a really tough regime on strength.
Best lifts went from:
Snatch: 102kg to 110kg
Clean and Jerk: 128kg 132kg
I have caught 137kg on a clean but didn't stand up all the way.
Jerk: 142kg.
Front squat: 315lbs up 30lbs
Back squat: has went up 60lbs to 375lbs
Deadlift up by 90lbs 475lbs Max
Alot of changes on my technique. I will try and post videos on here. This will be a good archive of my progress! I will try to write more on my laptop. This is a short post for now. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Olympic Weightlifting Progress.

Since I dropped down a new weight class 85kg. I am going to stay here for maybe a couple of months or so and stress nothing but technique. Although there may be some obstacles in the way it will make me be a better lifter. I give up the option to push as much weight as possible to strive for perfection. I want to be perfect. The notion drives me insane but at the same time gets me excited. Excited for the new challenges that await me. For the days I look back and think dam I am finally doing the impossible. It will all be worth it in the end.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Cardio Day.

Well I just came back from Red Robbin and ate almost my Body Weight in food. Yes a couple of cheat days this week was not such a great idea. This is why I am going to go into the pool and see how many laps I can do. That or run I am not sure. After that I actually have to study for finals. Which suck, but it's about time it's all finally over. I am done with this semester and finally need to start on my major!

   I am going to make this post short. But I have to clean my room for the love of God. Because all of this chaos is distracting me. Also I may or may not tell a interesting story

Monday, May 13, 2013

New things, New Goals.

Well I have finally chosen a Major which is Kineseology. I am going to start taking classes that are geared toward my major which seems exciting. I am going to start studying more and putting more time into my job and see how I like it. While I do this, I am also going to learn and teach myself a couple of things. Which I will go in detail In a second.

I am going to try and learn how to play guitar. This will be a long and interesting journey since I have no idea where to start. I am currently dating this girl name Andreaka (hopefully I spelled that right lol). Anyways she said she would teach me how to do that so that will be fun.

Well this is overdue. Sadly I don't know anything about Spanish I know howto speak a couple of phrases and statements but other than that I am as smart as a rock when it comes to Spanish. I will take this more seriously then most of my other little side projects.

Writing With my left hand.
I am going to start writing with my left hand. Why? Because it would be a conversation starter. A last resort of course but other than that It's something I want to do which would be cool to do. This is obviously lower on my list.

Scheduling and Being organized.
Well Since I am going to be doing all of these things. I have to have a set schedule, doesn't mean everything will be planned out by minute. But it will be at least some what organized.

That will do for today. I will see how far or not I have come. We shall see what happens next!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Its been awhile, almost down to 190lbs, sticking to a major, new things.

First body weight I finally got something consistent and that is my eating. I been losing about a lb and a half or so every week. I been down as far as 196lbs but I think I am hovering around 198lbs so at the moment. Either way body composition is more important right now then numbers.

Second Training: Training has no been affected by my weight loss so that is why I keep losing weight until It does. My strength has actually gone up as well as my technique. So I am thankful for that. I have also been doing more ab work, back extensions, and even some extra stabilization work too.

Third Major: I plan on sticking to my Major. It would sense since I am In a company that looks to me would be expanding/ has a place to grow. I will put in more time and talk to my boss about it a little bit more. I think I am just scared that I will fail... but I guess that It will be a great learning process for me. But for now I am going to stick to it and see how it goes. Put In my time and research what it is I need to do In order to excel in this sport and the world of coaching. Wish me luck.