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Sunday, July 22, 2012

New things...

A lot of new things happening. Going to start a harder semester of college. Going to try and get more units and less hours of work. Its going to be tuff but I know I can do it with some changes. Going to have to make some sacrifice but it's going to be worth it in the end :). Noticing the little things In life can keep me happy as a clam. So I am going to keep those things around as long as I can. In the mean time I am going to try and keep up my body transformation. I have to keep talking about it so I won't be complacent about it. Been losing weight constantly and starting to see some abs take form. Slowly but surely I will achieve my goals!

Monday, July 16, 2012

day #54-57 Crazy Weekend!

I want to make this quick so I can catch up on must needed rest. To sum up the last couple of days It was very hectic and something I won't forget In a long time! I went to the bar for my second time but this time with all of my weightlifting buddies. It was so awesome because I never really had a guys night out. After a long night of drinking one of our friends almost got into a fight. But we quickly solved the situation by leaving. A part of me kinda wishes we did because that would have been a epic story to tell haha.

Anyways...with a full 4 hours or sleep I went on to play in a all day Volleyball Tournament. It was very fun since I have not played in a long time. But trust me... you do NOT want to play with little sleep and alcohol in your system lol.There was also drama and a bunch of stupid political crap and I basically got banned from playing In a division because I am "to good" lol. Thank you? I guess? Well my team ended up winning gold which was lucky for me because I was not able to play. It turned out to be one weekend I will NEVER forget :D.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day #53 More Olympic Training!?!

So got a surprised today while I was going to get worked on my coach let me start working out on some technique. So I go back tomorrow and get to go heavier/ work on more technique. Hopefully this will get me to the level I need to be at in  the next couple of months. Once I have the energy and not so tired I will go back to some body building things at 24. Until then my legs are going to get huge and I am going to work on some more flexibility. I also need to edit some videos and post them on youtube. So that I can see my progress from now and the next couple of months! I can't wait to see the progress I will make in that time!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day #52 Volleyball, Club, Bar!

So this week should be very interesting. It will start off with work as usual then going to have to deal with my old bank for screwing up and trying to make me pay a couple of 100 dollars for not closing my account properly. The best part about it is my sister is going to help me talk to them and she used to work for that same bank! Ha! Joke is on you! 
So another interesting turn of events is that I am going to be playing volleyball on Sunday for a Day! I love playing and hope we do well since it will be a different team! I met the main guy and he seemed pretty cool! So It should be fun! 
Also the fact that I am going to a bar with my friends from my Olympic Weightlifting Club should be fun also I just wish I didn't have to wake up super early the following day! I assume they are going to have me try a lot of different beer. I guess I need to explore my horizons a bit more. Either way It should be fun! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day #50-51 Busy week College Planning!

So this weekend has been intense! I am looking forward to this semester mainly because I am getting closer and closer to getting my BA! This of course is a very small step, but at least it is something closer to what I would eventually want! I am shooting for better grades this semester and making sure I pass everything and also get better grades then I did last semester! Baby steps I say... I NEVER liked college but I am putting up with this chick until I am done getting what I need from her muahaha!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day #49 Sick workout so tired lol.

Well we did another new workout. I ended up triple broad jumping 26 feet. Not to shabby :P, Jerk from the boxes I hit 115kg. And almost finished with a 85kg snatch but missed the second one. Also Cleaned pulled about 140 with a slightly rounded back. I need to get more back workouts In to keep me from breaking! All In all it was a great and tiring day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day #48 4th of july lame fireworks!

Just quick post. This fourth of July was not as good as the ones in the past. Maybe people around our neighborhood don't have as much money as last year? Possible... or maybe they went somewhere else? Who knows... maybe I have to plan something next year to make it a little more entertaining. Hope you had a great 4th!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day #47 Body recovering! Woot!

Finally the body is adjusting! Hopefully I can make sure this won't happen again. My training should be consistent now and my technique can only get better! *Knocks on wood* I will resume my two a days hopefully this Saturday! Then things should be kicking into overdrive! No fast food yet so that is a plus so we will see if that continues and my portion control. I will gain some weight because of water retention but besides that hopefully my body composition will change for the better!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day #46 3 Day challenge? Olympic Weightlifting!

So we are changing things up at the gym. It was snatching+ 3 attempts to try and get a vertical max. The best part was a two clean and jerk max, and then a Front squat max. It would have been better IF my body didn't feel like it was going to fall apart. I realized as I was working out my whole body felt as If I got hit by a car. But regardless of the aches and pain I tried my best to get close to my maxes. I finished with 105kg clean and jerk, 115kg Front squat. I love these "challenges" gives a bit more variety on things and freshens up the training and not make it so routine. Can't wait for next training session hope I feel better!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day #43-45 Competition, Goals, Challenge!

Competition went pretty well. Considering I missed a couple of lifts, weird thing Is I felt a little tired because I think I didn't eat enough before hand. Oh well live and learn I suppose. New goals are to increase my lean body mass and get stronger. I NEED to have my numbers go up. My weight is fine and everything I just need to stay clean in my eating. Goals are to get my back squat up and keep my form and back strong. Those are huge in order to lift more efficiently.