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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day #52 Volleyball, Club, Bar!

So this week should be very interesting. It will start off with work as usual then going to have to deal with my old bank for screwing up and trying to make me pay a couple of 100 dollars for not closing my account properly. The best part about it is my sister is going to help me talk to them and she used to work for that same bank! Ha! Joke is on you! 
So another interesting turn of events is that I am going to be playing volleyball on Sunday for a Day! I love playing and hope we do well since it will be a different team! I met the main guy and he seemed pretty cool! So It should be fun! 
Also the fact that I am going to a bar with my friends from my Olympic Weightlifting Club should be fun also I just wish I didn't have to wake up super early the following day! I assume they are going to have me try a lot of different beer. I guess I need to explore my horizons a bit more. Either way It should be fun! 

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