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Monday, July 16, 2012

day #54-57 Crazy Weekend!

I want to make this quick so I can catch up on must needed rest. To sum up the last couple of days It was very hectic and something I won't forget In a long time! I went to the bar for my second time but this time with all of my weightlifting buddies. It was so awesome because I never really had a guys night out. After a long night of drinking one of our friends almost got into a fight. But we quickly solved the situation by leaving. A part of me kinda wishes we did because that would have been a epic story to tell haha.

Anyways...with a full 4 hours or sleep I went on to play in a all day Volleyball Tournament. It was very fun since I have not played in a long time. But trust me... you do NOT want to play with little sleep and alcohol in your system lol.There was also drama and a bunch of stupid political crap and I basically got banned from playing In a division because I am "to good" lol. Thank you? I guess? Well my team ended up winning gold which was lucky for me because I was not able to play. It turned out to be one weekend I will NEVER forget :D.

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