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Saturday, December 17, 2016

I will win.

I will win at whatever I decide to give my actual 100% effort. I will not be defeated if given my full effort and attention. I will be remembered for doing something great, for impacting thousands of people. Leaving a unforgettable impression on those I meet. I will win.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why are Millennials scared of investing?

Too difficult? 

Many people think that investing is too hard. But NEWS FLASH there is a magical thing called the "internet" that have a vast amount of information to sift through! But alas a majority of the millennials do not like to search for more than several nano seconds for some information. 

Scamy Mc. Scamer

We all know of at least one person who is always onto the next "BIG" thing. That always flaunts their wealth and hits you up every 6 months on a "Business adventure of a lifetime". If you don't know any of these people your'e very fortunate. In my experience I will politely let them know I am not interested and that I just don't think I am the right fit for the "Product" they are trying to sell me. 

Stocks are to difficult to understand!

THIS is very untrue. There are many stocks that are considered "safe" or even "low risk" and again just like everything else you have to enjoy or want to learn about something and see a potential that it can improve your life in order for you to want to understand it. Stocks by nature are very scary if you think about day trading. A majority of day traders in the long run are not profitable. But to buy and hold and have a "escape plan" is the smartest and one of the safest ways to invest. 

Just several late night/ early morning thoughts!