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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life is to short...

Life is short you have to live it up. To a extent don't pull a Charlie Sheen and think that is "living up". What i mean is don't pass up on the small  things in life. Such as watching a football game with your family or parents. Or just relaxing with your friends. Just telling someone close to you how great of a friend they are can make a difference. Because these are the things you think of when someone close to you passes away. All of the things you could of done. Mend any broken ties and enjoy life and live it how it should be with no regrets.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Murder!!

 They think the knife is there friend...
 Now they think they out number Knife...
Knife has the last laugh with his now best friend Mr. Drink...

Late night healthy snack.. Tasted amazing! I received the juicer for free and i am glad i have it now need to learn how to mix a lot more things lol. I highly recommend it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A look at Technology in the future...

I just wanted to share this. If the future looks like this its going to be crazy expensive. And i don't think this would happen anytime soon. I mean have Microsoft looked out their windows? Do they see how this economy is looking? I mean its cool as a idea its downright sexy " mean being a geek." If i had all that technology in my house i wouldn't leave it lol. What do you think?

Occupy La, Wall Street, The World

Listening to the radio and hearing some of the people speak on Occupy Situation makes me feel like nothing will change. Although i admit i don't know EVERYTHING. What i do know is that without a leader or a concrete reason why they are all Occupying it will fail. Of course i would love a positive change for the common good but what are they all really fighting for?

Give everyone what they want answers. Make a purpose that everyone can agree on. Fight for a logical cause that will actually be successful. My belief is that they cannot Occupy forever. They need a more effective approach then just sitting there and "making there presence known".  Just my 2 cents.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Html, java, C++ Oh my! Tech Geek!

Thinking about Studying more on things that will possibly lead into a good career for me... Duh?! Right? Well there are a variety of things to do that are related in the tech field. I am going to start buying some books and reading more because i haven't had any good excuse to pick up a book in awhile. If i get any books i will post the link and or the pros and cons of it! Hopefully i stick with it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Saturday Workout...

This is me in training doing some Front squats with a Jerk. This was my last set and as the video said i was laughing because i was extremely sore. I don't know why i laugh when i am in pain but still works out for the best lol. That day was extremely fun and glad that the workout had the perfect amount of intensity and some new workouts that i haven't done in awhile.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rockstars a College students best friend

Well i had training in the morning then a 4 and a half hour Java Programming class. Thankfully as if the soda machine Gods new i was going to be taking that class this semester, had a vending machine that dispenses Rock Stars. Although i am extremely tolerant against these drinks because i drink them like soda. They still give me a little kick and they taste good to me :D.

I probably need to move to coffee soon. And recommendations would be helpful! Except black coffee it taste like a battery to me.. and yes... i licked a battery before..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Volunteering experience Lifting for kids...

I Volunteered at my local Community center for a none profit organization i work for. Lifting Well Face Book link here >> http://tiny.cc/mlpo3 <<< . It was great seeing all of the kids reactions when i was clean and jerking around 220pounds. I was in "The Zone" so when i saw their faces i didn't react to them but i remember the shocked and jaw dropping faces they made lol. It was great and we all had fun lifting for them! It was our first time ever lifting in a public setting. The most important part was that we had fun doing it and just gained some publicity! It was great! :) If you live in Socal let me know if you want more info! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being a Geek...

Being a geek in my opinion is not a bad thing anymore. I consider it a good thing if not a compliment! Since technology is literally taking over almost everything that is related to jobs and it is also incorporated in everyone's lives. Now don't get me wrong i am not a Bill Gates Jr or anything just somethings that are simple. Like somethings that other people do not normally do on a daily basis. I am hopefully going to get into the IT field or something along those lines. Only time will tell. Know anyone who hates technology? It just takes time and practice to educate your self! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Vlog: Student Parking Empty!

Oh hello there! This is my first Vlog hopefully others will come after i feel better. Kinda sick when i recorded this lol. Quality will improve hopefully but i am using my Droid Bionic camera to record this :). If you want to subscribe then by all means go ahead :D. I just briefly talk about how I wish the student parking was like this in my school when i go to school in the morning. I am sure everyone has this problem!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just keep it simple.

No need for expensive trips. Tons of jewelry. Or even nights on the town every week. Happiness is what makes you smile :). Here is me and my girlfriend of 4 + years :). Just having a good time :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

My dogs! :D

My dogs are so funny! They always love to go outside for like 10 minutes. But when they go out side they always go straight to our neighbors dog. Right behind my BBQ in the corner. They love to bark as loud as they can and stir up commotion with all of the other dogs that can here them. I always tease them before they are let out going...1....2...and.....*longer pause* 3! And they bolt out as fast as they can. The chubbier dog "Trixy" tries to run up the stairs but has to be careful cause she cant jump the way she used to lol. Enjoy the video!


I lay in bed with empty thoughts,
About the could and could not's,
Could of been productive today,
Could not of been a good day, 
Could of been a good time,
Could not of made it to work on time,
Could of thought of better things to do,
Could not of learned a thing or two,
Could be asleep right now,
Could not be focused enough got to study now,
Could worry about tomorrow and what it brings,
Could not sleep thinking about all of these things,
I could try,

Good night.

Teen moms and being pregnant. some thoughts...

Looking around and seeing a lot of my friends from high school and think dang.. a lot of them are pregnant. I am not judging them by the fact they made this decision. But i kinda feel bad for them because i think what rode did they take to get there in their life? To much partying? Drinking? Or just ill informed about how easily they can get pregnant. I have some close friends who got pregnant at a young age. But i just think about when i have kids will they start having kids even younger then my friends in high school? Will it be socially acceptable by then? Just makes you think sometimes when you look around and notice how many kids are being born at such a early time in their parents lives. We can only support and hope they give their child the best future it can have.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Disney land in the near future?

Well since i have been with my gf for about 4 years +. I am deciding to get a disney land pass for her :p. Hopefully she enjoys it and it turns out to be a good investment! Will post up pictures of our first time going go most likely next week or the week after :).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Relax! Life is short! Drama free zone...

As you all know i am a extremely optimistic person. Sometimes we all just need to relax. Just take some deep breaths and move along. Otherwise you can possibly set your whole day just pissed off because of one event. It could snowball and lead to other things if left unattended. Especially in relationships yup i went there.. sadly if someone drags their feet and not solve something right away that indeed will snowball into a bigger problem. Some problems can be swept under the rug and can be approached at a better time MOST cannot.

Just try to keep your life drama free as possible. Look at the people you hang around with if you are not the person always causing drama. Sometimes fixing others peoples problems all the time is wearing you out and making you irritable. Just food for thought take care! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy lifestyle...

I personally think that if you work out properly. That means ladies and some men. The treadmill can only take you so far. The number of calories that you "burn" on a treadmill are not close to accurate. Everyone is diffeent and there bodies react differently for now i will just name a few.

Circuit training...
Circuit training is very effective in burning calories. If your dedicated to weight loss i recommend it. Although it is not the cure all of type of exercises. There must be a good mixture of exercises in there such as upper, lower, abs and leg exercises. Just make sure that everything is done safety and correctly. Because if you don't and they are just hard to perform and your doing them incorrectly they will not benefit you as much.

Pros: Fat loss, gain lean muscle, build muscle, calorie burner

Cons: Very fatiguing, could cause injury, extremely difficult, need a lot of motivation.
Weight Training...

Overall i think is the most positive thing you could do and should do while in the gym or even if you have some at home. VERY important thing is to lift CORRECTLY or else it will either damage your joints, not be as effective, or even hurt you. If your lifting for the first time try and find someone who knows what they are doing. Because sometimes having someone watch you is the best thing you can do. You do not have to have a personal trainer but someone who can help and teach you the right moments. For girls its a HUGE MYTH you will not look like a MAN or have really broad shoulders. It has almost impossible with weight training alone to be "bulky" "look like a man" and so on. Men like women who look athletic or in somewhat decent shape.

Pros: Gain muscle, Lose fat, look skinny, look athletic. more confidence

Cons: If no proper training could injure your self, seek guidance, bring a buddy, time consuming.

These are only my opinions and i understand everyone is different. Me personally i do Olympic Weightlifting as you all know by now lol. I like it the best since it is a full  body workout literally. Let me know what works the best for you. Or hopefully you can try some of the training i listed just take a step to get healthy it will be a great journey for you!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Got a Droid Bionic!!!

Wow so i saved up and finally bought a phone i really love! The Droid Bionic i really recommend this phone if you are into the Android OS. It runs smooth the speed is INSANE nothing was over exaggerated when it was advertised! It was worth buying for only 249.99 on Amazon.com its the cheapest there. Although it might have some bugs there is soon to be a patch in November that should fix everything. So far it runs smooth for me no complaints here. I also have a strong 4g connection with great reception in my area. So far so good  the picture was taken with my Droid X :D. What can i say i love AnDROID. 



Emotions run high as we speak,
the future is bright but the present is bleak,
where is the light when it is dark?
we fake our toughness as hollow as bark,
one wrong word and it could come crashing down,
or riddled with holes and in our emotions we drown,
we must rise above and raise our heads high,
because emotions run deep we just have to resist the tide,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



He Walked in the store with one thing in mind,
to take every cent and every dime,
to steal what was never his,
this was his chance to make it big,
to make new friends and be really cool,
to be the toughest kid in school,
he stuck the gun to the clerk and said,
"Put the money in the bag or you will be hurt!",

the clerk with fear in his eyes nodded his head,
for the fear of anything else he would be dead,
but he has been through this one time to many,
and vowed he would never be robbed of any dime or penny,
he took a gun hidden underneath the counter,
there was a storm of steel and led,
the clerk was injured but the kid was dead,
never to make it big,
because of the choices he made as a kid.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The taste of success...

The competition i was in last Saturday was a great learning experience and success! I completed 4/6 lifts and broke all of my personal records i had. I ended up finishing with 90kg =198 pounds on the Snatch. And 115kg = on the clean and jerk 253 pounds. Next time i will have a video up to show me competing :D. I am also competing this Saturday again for a charity even to raise money for women who cannot afford mammograms. I am extremely thankful and appreciate i am able to compete for such a cause. I have know a lot of people who were and are affected by breast cancer.

If you are interesting in donating or want more information leave a comment and  i will get back to you as soon as possible.

The taste of success is a addicting one. It will only make me work and train harder to be able to far exceed my goals and expectations. In no way i will let this get to my head. I am never satisfied in just being "good" i want to work hard to be perfect. I mean my first big goal is to win a gold medal at collegiate nationals. It starts some where why not start now?

Monday, October 3, 2011

This happened yesterday it was  my Grandmas 81st birthday! She looks completely healthy and full of life! This  was great seeing all of my family. We all have been through a rough time with my Grandpa with cancer and all of the other stresses of life. But other then that we are a tight knit family that always sticks together no matter what the tough times and or drama that comes our way. Thought you guys might like a short video :) enjoy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Comp day on the platform, emotions run high

The instant spike of adrenaline, the sensation of a thousand needles shooting up and down your body. Your heart picks up speed like a runaway locomotive. The months of training all coming up to this moment that will only last a couple of seconds. Your accomplishments and or failures will forever be engraved in your mind. But the moment when you stand triumphant with all eyes on you. Will replenish all of the blood sweat and tears you expended during training. That one moment will last forever unchanged in your mind until the moment you die.