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Wednesday, October 5, 2011



He Walked in the store with one thing in mind,
to take every cent and every dime,
to steal what was never his,
this was his chance to make it big,
to make new friends and be really cool,
to be the toughest kid in school,
he stuck the gun to the clerk and said,
"Put the money in the bag or you will be hurt!",

the clerk with fear in his eyes nodded his head,
for the fear of anything else he would be dead,
but he has been through this one time to many,
and vowed he would never be robbed of any dime or penny,
he took a gun hidden underneath the counter,
there was a storm of steel and led,
the clerk was injured but the kid was dead,
never to make it big,
because of the choices he made as a kid.

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