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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The taste of success...

The competition i was in last Saturday was a great learning experience and success! I completed 4/6 lifts and broke all of my personal records i had. I ended up finishing with 90kg =198 pounds on the Snatch. And 115kg = on the clean and jerk 253 pounds. Next time i will have a video up to show me competing :D. I am also competing this Saturday again for a charity even to raise money for women who cannot afford mammograms. I am extremely thankful and appreciate i am able to compete for such a cause. I have know a lot of people who were and are affected by breast cancer.

If you are interesting in donating or want more information leave a comment and  i will get back to you as soon as possible.

The taste of success is a addicting one. It will only make me work and train harder to be able to far exceed my goals and expectations. In no way i will let this get to my head. I am never satisfied in just being "good" i want to work hard to be perfect. I mean my first big goal is to win a gold medal at collegiate nationals. It starts some where why not start now?

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