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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My bully experience

I remember when i was a kid in elementary school i wasn't the biggest kid nor the smallest i was just about average height but not weight. There was this kid Josh who was as big as me but was extremely aggressive. He sat across from me and would always kick him under the table i would also kick him back but that would just fuel the fire. One day we got a little creative and put a pencil in his shoe laces so it could stab me. That day he left two big lashes on my knee and leg. I told my teacher who sent him to the principals office.

Later that week he came back smiling while we were in our line before we went into the classroom. For some reason i walked right up to him because i am fed up with him bothering me. So i walked up and said, " You are going to leave me alone, everyone knows what you did to me! No one even likes you! So stop bothering and leave me the hell alone!" When i was little "hell" was a bad word lol and everyone looked at me like i punched the kid.

Fast forward 7 years later...
When i was walking home from football practice i heard someone call my name. I turned around and it was Josh. He stood at about 5"6 and then i stood about 6"1 and i smiled and said, "Hey long time no see!" We talked for a little bit and went are separate ways. The last thing i thought after i walked away was i am glad i wasn't a bully when i was little or i would have been short all my life.

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