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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The past and its affects in the present...

We have all done it. When we catch our selves blankly staring at our computer screens or whatever happens to be in front of us at the time. We remember all of the good times with our past relatives or friends that we now no longer have contact with. Only in our dreams we have the occasional conversation trying to get back in touch with them with an unknown happiness that overwhelms you.

But on the other hand some people have the unfortunate occasion of remembering all of mistakes of the past. From that one decision that changed their life to the other choice that might have closed 10 doors and opened one. The only mistake you can do from remembering the past negative choices you made is to dwell on them. To bring those negative emotions back into your mind and let it affect the people around you. Although you do sometimes need to vent on things but they should never impact your present relationships or they might soon also become apart of your past.

Live in the present the past is over for a reason, if you think of a negative moment in the past its another moment you lose in the present.

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