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Friday, September 23, 2011

Coaching and motivation

If you didn't know my part time job is being a personal trainer/Olympic Weightlifting coach. So today i was training one of our newest clients. He is going into the navy in about 8 months. And i was making him do various exercises which included him running while shoulder pressing 8 to 10 pound medicine balls. Before that he must have ran over at least 5 miles. He started slowing down apparently he had a cramp in his side. I told him "Keep going, don't slow down you will be glad this is the only thing that hurts right now. You have to keep pushing you don't want to be that last person when your in the navy do you?" He shook his head and kept on pressing on. 

From a athletes view of things its tough both mentally and physically and even some anger could be directed at the coach. But that is normal in most situations when the person instead of channeling that anger to their workout lash it out on their coach. It is the coaches responsibility to not take it personally and motivate the athlete to keep pushing, * safely of course*  past their mental and physical limits. When training people i usually understand the mental and physical fatigue they are going through since i was also a athlete and training the same way they are right now. This is extremely important because you want to understand what the athlete  is capable of while they are in a state of both mental and physical fatigue. 

My job of being a personal trainer/ Olympic Weightlifting Coach is a rewarding one when you see them slowly improving as they progress both mentally and physically as a athlete and person. There is no other way to describe it but if i could i would say it is like a father being proud of his son/daughter. 

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