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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dealing with heavy lifting and mental fatigue...

During a heavy cycle in my training I experienced a couple of mental obstacles. One of which was my little nephew was in the hospital for surgery. It was not a extreme surgery but he has had a past with difficult and physically tasking surgerys. Just the image of him... Just a child with tubes going in and out of him kept tuning in my mind. This happened a few days before my heavy cycle and maxing out on squats.

The other mental obstacle was my grandpa which is diagnosed with cancer. Before I was going to leave for my workout I had a text from my dad telling mehe was at the hospital with my grandpa. My heart sank as I thought how much pain he must be in. It was only two weeks ago when he saw me compete in my first competition. After that i told him i was going to take him to collegiate nationals with me next year when I qualify.


I made the decision to countinue with my training that day although on every lift I was having a battle with my mind struggling to control my emotions. During the last part of my workout I realized that I could countinue with these negative thoughts or use it to my advantage. I then made it my goal that my grandpa was going to see me perform at collegiate nationals and I was going to train as hard as I could so he can see my improvement. I finished that day with a new squat PR 150kg=330 pounds.


No matter what hardships you might face with outside of the weight room or training. You have to push yourself to finish your workout. There will be a point where you might be mentally drained it will be up to you to decide if you were strong both mentally and physically to continute. This is just my opinion I understand everyone has a breaking point. But wanted to share my experience to just say its possible to push even if you have a bad day.

Thank you for reading. Focus on your goals and stay both mentally and physically strong during training and in life. You can be your best coach and your worst enemy.

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