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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hang in there! How outside forces affect your training.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls. And then sometimes life takes your bat and tries to break your legs. Although I am a firm believer in leaving all your issues outside of the gym. Sometimes it just becomes to much.

        I found that out the hard way. When news came that my grandpa was not doing well. The strength that I used to have was taken from me. My confidence shot. My focus not on how well I was lifting but how my grandpa was doing. How his health is declining every day, how that when the few times he is awake  I smile at him instead of cry. So I decided to take the week off lifting, to focus on resting and my family. I feel that there is no use training when your heart and mind is somewhere else at the time. Focus on the things and people who are close to you. Because you never know when you might say your last goodbye.

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