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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day #16 Fry's Electronics, and Android Programming!

Man I was running around all day today. Work and then busting a mission to go and see what Fry's Electronics have and it was HUGE! If I was looking for something to buy monitors a computer or to make  beast out of a existing computer that would be the place to go. It was a huge warehouse with countless of computer/ video game accessories. But it kinda looked a little shady because alot of their items looked slightly used and the floors models were not so "shiny" to say the least and some of them were not even working.

Finally on the Android Programming side of things, it has been a test of my patience. I finally got the right folder I needed and tools to make everything work. And I am finally downloading everything I need in order to start the 200 long video project to learn or get some experience with the Android Programming system. It looks promising I have to stay motivated and take some notes while I do this. It could be a learning experience or even something that progress and make it apart of my life. Only time will tell!

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