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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day #8 Holding Off for the Long run! Investing in phones...

Well I am sure whoever is into having a smart phone realizes what Verizon did today. They are trying to get everyone to sign onto a new contract that will get rid of "Unlimited Data Plans". But there IS some hope, as long as you don't sign a new contract and buy a phone NOT through Verizon you can keep your Unlimited plan.
     Sounds great right? WRONG.... because this means if you want a new phone you have to buy it at Retail price. Which now and days is around 600 dollars...oh yea that's a great deal. But in this day in age we have things like Ebay that can help us out with some decent phones and can save us money. For now I will stick with my Droid Bionic.. I mean ICS is supposed to come out soon anyways that will give me a even more options to mess with it even more! For now I am investing in my phone for at least a couple more years.... hopefully lol.

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