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Monday, January 9, 2017

Interesting First day of Classes.

Well I will make this pretty short since I have to leave for work very soon. I was trying to wait-list for a Math class. Which I ABSOLUTELY  hate! Because of how it is essentially a waste of time 99.92% of the time. But It was actually a good experience because now I know which teacher I need to take next semester! She had a designated tutor in class which I never had before which was a really big help! I am way past that phase of " I don't need help maybe I can figure it out by my own" which either can help or be a HUGE waste of time!

    But ending on a good note I had to drop the math class and tried to add a Computer Science class which I found out that I already took! The counselor must have missed it reviewing my transcripts. Which In her defense is as thick as a dictionary! Any who It wasn't a total waste of time plus I need to visit her again to see If that class actually does count towards my degree! Fingers crossed!

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