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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Can I become more efficient?

I'm trying several things to become more efficient. Here are several Apps I am trying.

1. Habitica.com:

It's a RPG based game that you set daily tasks and habits to lvl up a character. I find this very enjoyable and easy to use. Started it this week and has been very fun to keep it going.

2. Forrest:

Forrest is a time based and that lets you "Grow a tree" and set a timer where you can't touch your phone until the timer is up. If you touch your phone the tree dies... :(. Going to start using this because I love when I see things that are tracked and see a cool visual end result!

Well those are the couple things I am using at the moment. I am also going to try blog post more everyday. I wonder what will become of this? I can't make money off of this so maybe this will become a sort of progressive journal post. Not sure yet. Will this ever be read? Idk... but it will be here forever long after I am gone which is kinda morbidly neat!

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