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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How do you know which path to take? (career)

You know what? This whole finding your own path is harder then what is portrayed in the movies! I have been going to school for almost 4 years plus now. Now that is laughable to some but for me It was a choice I had to make. Not because it was financially motivated but it was one of discovering my own path. I never grew up saying " Mom! I am going to be a policeman one day!." Nothing really truly inspired me or captivated me as a kid growing up. I have taken a wide variety of classes trying to discover what I hated or what I loved. Ranging from Green technology to Computer programming class. The latter I was more interested in but that was just a phase I was going through apparently. Now I am leaning toward management/ Finance which leads to my current endeavor which is Business Administration with a concentration in Fiance. I am doing a little better getting used to my timing getting home from class and getting ready to work without feeling too rushed. But I have to go and get ready to for work!

Happy Hump Day!

- D

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