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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day #1 cold turkey

  Turkey sandwich, 5:30 this baby was Sooooo good! They sell a huge one at Vons for about 7 bucks or so! Its really good!

Snack: almonds and cranberries 7:00
In between this time I had a handful of almonds and cranberries.
Burrito 9:37

This burrito was the healthiest I can get when I was hungry eating out. It was filled with Grilled chicken, beans. Plain simple and hopefully didn't destroy my eating good for that day. lol
I had around 1,700 calories that day assuming everything was around what i logged in. I also had a very intense workout which hopefully burns around 600 calories or so. But either way I am going in the direction I want to be going towards a better eating lifestyle!

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