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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lifting, Eating and Saving

Lifting has been going very well. Although i didn't hit any new Personal Records. I have been getting my technique better. That alone will give me more Pr's then brute strength. I am looking forward to this next cycle and improving my technique so it is perfect and that it is way more consistent. Eating habits have also been better. Eating cleaner and healthier and less fast food. Although I have ate some fast food during this time but not enough to make a serious impact on my weight.

Saving has also been better. Good thing that there is nothing really catching my eye to buy right now.. But there is one thing I would really want to get. It's the Nike Fuel Band. It just basically tracks your daily activity levels to see how active your are and how many calories you burn a day. Its really cool looking and I have enough for it so I am seriously thinking about getting it. We will see soon enough.

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