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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Microsoft Credentials, Coaching Certification.

I looked up some Microsoft Credentials and they looked pretty interesting. some have to deal with Helping people with technical Problems with their computer so that looked cool. Others were just about how to maintain a database. Like making information travel through a main frame efficiently and things like that. I might have to look into this a little more and see what Certifications I need in order to snag a job in that field and see If I like it or not.

Another thing I have to look into is a certification in a Olympic Weightlifting/ personal trainer. It would look better and is kinda required for my job that I have now. So I think that will benefit me in the future regardless. Should be interesting the things that suck about these things I have to get is that they cost a lot of money. Got to spend money to make money i suppose!

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