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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I wrote this Before i knew my grandpa passed away.

I am standing alone in the dark, 
searching and thinking how to start,
should I cry with all the rest,
or should I keep it in and build the stress?
Stress that will haunt me till the end of time?
because i couldnt help him or give him time.
because he is slowly passing away,
and i truly wish i can give him a day,
i love him like any kid should,
I should be by his side i truly should,  
But i can’t and i dont know why, 
But when i see him i will cry,
cry because i am mad,
because one day that will be my dad, 
but that is dar away from now, 
but i have to know and find out how, 
how to deal with the suffering and pain,
and guide my family through the rain, 
through the rain and into the light, 
because our futures are still very bright, 
it is hard but we will get threw it, 
death comes we already knew it, 
we knew it was gonna come but not so fast,
so let’s be there for him till the last, 
R.I.P Grandpa We miss you. 


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