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Friday, December 2, 2011

Strive to be the greatest...

If you had a chance to be great and i do mean GREAT. Would you do it? If it meant taking chances, going through pain, dedicating your self to something that requires repetitive repetition? To strive for perfection? You might say yes to all of these things but do you really have the mental endurance to take on such a task?

Any athlete knows what mental endurance in a sport takes and how hard it is to reach a breaking point during a match, game, race, etc. When your faced with a challenge that you are not 100% positive you will win. Will you still try? Be physically strong is one thing but mentally strong is a different story. Strive to be the greatest make that only other opponent YOU. YOUR the only competition and enemy you will battle with throughout your life. Conquer it now before its to late.

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