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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The perfect Clean! Olympic Weightlifting

Wow so quick update with my training. I was performing the Clean singles at 85kg roughly 170lbs. I was trying to perfect the "bouncing out" effect when you perform the Clean. This saves you a tremendous amount of effort when your getting out of the Clean part of your Clean and jerk. Anyways it was my last rep until i had to squat. So the following is what i felt during the clean. To summarize whats below there i had a near perfect clean with little to no effort!

I finished my leg drive until my shoulders were slightly  over the bar but i was vertical. The bar path was close and i was literally pulled under the bar. By the time i realized i was half way up on my clean and was not using my legs at all! I was completely surprised! I am extremely grateful for the coaches i have that train me and put me in the best possible position to make me successful!

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