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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting used to the Mac Book and Apple Products...

Some simple yet more complex things i have learned about these products. The iPad is very easy to use and like mini laptop just really smooth and touch screen! Love the games and everything else it has to offer. You tube, twitter, Facebook, almost seem to use it more then my real laptop at times.

The iCloud has its good and bad points. It sucks because you have to re download everything you had before your able to use the new software. But it is great because from now on your able to download anything you had on your I pod touch/iphone or visa versa when your at home. 

Being a windows user all my life and Android user also. I find it about a 4/10 difficulty getting used to> Just the Mac i would say is about a 9/10 getting used to all of its different controls and keyboard options. Extremely different from Windows OS. Still pretty interesting though i got to admit. It's fun learning about new things that are extremely addictive and entertaining. 

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